About us


Since 2005, when the Couleur Pigments company was created, Philippe Boizot, a craftsman, decorator, stucco artist and fresco artist, provides the company with his traditional know-how on ancient techniques of painting and lime plaster. Philippe Boizot has been trained in the techniques of lime plaster, stucco, tadelakt and fresco on multiple achievements for individuals or professionals since 1997, when he started in the craft profession, after having worked in different masonry and painting companies. And it is quite naturally through contact with professional fresco painters that he was able to push back his demands and create his own style. Through his company Couleur pigments, Philippe Boizot now operates in France, he lives in the center, in Foecy, where he settled in order to share his experience through internships and training as well as advice to clients wishing to carry out their own work.