finishing products - colour pigments

finishing products

All the finishing products for your paints and coatings as well as the necessary tools for applying the paints and coatings. You will find the materials to apply to finish your paints and lime coatings but also the tools you will need to apply them, such as whitewash brushes, trowels, trowels, floats, sponges.

liquid black soap with olive oil 1L
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the liquid black soap with olive oil marius fabre is made in salon de provence in an ancestral soap factory according to the traditional roman recipe and cooked in a cauldron, a know-how of more than 110 years. This black soap is only made with olive oil, unlike other soaps where linseed oil is added to put less olive oil. This soap is 100% natural vegetable, without solvents or chemicals and 100% biodegradable. Marius fabre is the only French manufacturer of this soap respecting the pure tradition of Marseille and the even older tradition of the Romans, with the Sapo.
potassium silicate
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potassium silicate is a binder, consolidator and pore filler for porous mineral materials. it can be added with pigments for the manufacture of paints. potassium silicate is a low-viscosity, transparent and odourless aqueous solution, suitable for mineral substrates that need to breathe, such as in ecological housing, old buildings and historical monuments. Our silicate does not contain any resin unlike 28° 30°, it will be more efficient and solid.
water and oil repellent
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water and oil repellent.  professional ecological water and oil repellent, stain resistant high performance for interior and exterior, waterproofs floors, walls, roofs, plasters, stones, pool edges, concrete, cement, showers in stone or plaster, natural or reconstituted stone, travertine, burgundy stone, tiles. Durably protects all porous materials against the penetration of water, coffee oil and stains of all kinds. Silicone-free and non-film-forming (very important), this product is odorless, invisible, does not make the surface slippery and allows the material to breathe.

linseed oil
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linseed oil is extracted from flax seeds. Cold pressed raw linseed oil (important) is very siccative. It is used for artistic oil paintings or for flour painting with ocher also called ocher paint, and for the treatment of wood, in association with turpentine. this oil is also used in the recipe for flour paint with ochre for wood and in association with turpentine, for the protection of floors (tommettes).
acrylic paint
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kerlys baltic's protech matt plus professional acrylic paint, multi-purpose professional acrylic paint, deep matt white special for interiors, for the preparation of backgrounds or as an undercoat and finishing coat for walls and ceilings (also for large ceilings). microporous paint, compatible with roller (microfibre or cotton) and airless.
foam float
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professional foam float 20x12, vinmer brand and made in France, moderately absorbent yellow soft foam with wooden handle for finishing fine to medium to very fine grain plasters on flat to irregular surfaces. This taloche can make it possible to catch up a coating which has drawn too much by loading the taloche with water or, on the contrary, to extract water from a coating that is too wet.
white beeswax
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White beeswax in granules 100% natural, without additives or silicone or polyester, purified thanks to natural processes, allowing to obtain after its dilution and its drying a neutral color. It makes it possible to make candles or encaustics but also saponified wax, which is a wall wax that can be diluted with water and which makes it possible to embellish plaster, stucco, tadelakts or iron plaster walls while protecting them.
saponified wax
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white saponified wax is the most used beeswax in decoration because it can be diluted with water. Once it becomes transparent while leaving a satin to shiny appearance depending on its polishing. This wax is made in our workshop in an artisanal way by emulsion with ammonium carbonate from 100% pure and natural white beeswax. It can be applied on any solid to slightly flexible support, such as walls and ceilings, lime or plaster coatings, wood etc ... it is possible to tint it to paint (as in antiquity), or to create patinas on plaster.