potassium silicate
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potassium silicate

potassium silicate is a binder, consolidator and pore filler for porous mineral materials. it can be added with pigments for the manufacture of paints. potassium silicate is a low-viscosity, transparent and odourless aqueous solution, suitable for mineral substrates that need to breathe, such as in ecological housing, old buildings and historical monuments. Our silicate does not contain any resin unlike 28° 30°, it will be more efficient and solid.

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potassium silicate

potassium silicate pur 32°b is a low viscosity aqueous solution, transparent and odorless, suitable for mineral substrates needing to breathe as in ecological housing, old buildings and historic monuments. Our silicate does not contain any resin unlike 28 ° 30 °, it will be more effective and solid.

potassium silicate is an ecological mineral binder that can be used indoors and outdoors for:

- compose paintings, secco frescoes, patinas, colatures, velatures and plasters

-protect stones, mineral facings, renderings and mineral paints

- consolidate renderings or mineral paints (lime)

- regulate porous mineral substrates (eg syporex, but not plaster), before applying mineral finishes.

- painting on wood (with suitable preparation, stripping, drying)

our little recipe for a homemade silicate paint:

make a dry mixture of fine marble powder and pigments to obtain the desired shade. add silicate until a homogeneous paste is obtained. add water until obtaining the desired texture depending on the work to be done (covering paint or patina)

apply with a brush on a mineral support preferably (lime, concrete, cement etc.) or wood (carry out resistance tests) and let dry for 1 day. test beforehand if possible.

silicate paints are very strong and can last for several decades without problems because they blend into their support to become one. As a result, they are also more difficult to restore or remove.

Advantages of mineral silicate paints:

- Not very sensitive to pollution and Resistant to acid rain.

- Potassium silicate paints release water faster than it absorbs it.

silicate de potassium

potassium silicate - Keep walls dry.

- Non-toxic / no release of VOCs / no odor since solvent-free / non-polluting waste.

- Non-allergenic inside.

- Reduced environmental impact in its lifespan, compared to organic paints.

- Color fastness guaranteed for 20 years - Matt appearance

- Strong grip on all mineral supports

- Possibility for the craftsman to master the relationship between the transparent binder and the opaque binder, white or tinted, and possibility of tinting himself for the realization of wall paintings, dry "frescoes"! Disadvantages: Inelastic, difficult to reverse unlike limewash, unevenly distributed in France

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