our packaging

we package our powder pigments in reusable non-food bags with zip closure 50 microns thick, in order to guarantee good solidity during transport as well as to save space, while limiting the amount of plastic (approximately 5 times less than a plastic pot with a lid of the same capacity). These pouches can be stored in boxes without problem when not in use and protect materials from moisture.

For liquid or pasty products, we collect 5L cans (usually bleach or windshield washer fluid) from waste reception centers that we clean and remove the labeling from (as far as possible), we give them a second life.

Finally, for our expeditions, we collect cardboard boxes from local traders which should go to the dumpster for incineration. We sort them to keep them strongest, we reform them and we ship our goods all over the world, an additional gesture for the environment. We wedge the goods with leftover pallet films that we collect or boxes that cannot be used as they are.