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craftsman specializing in traditional lime paints and plasters, in the fresco fresco technique as well as in ancient pictorial techniques and gilding.

Color pigments offers you its range of more than 60 colors of natural mineral pigments for the composition of your paints and artistic coatings based on acrylic or vinyl binders or for your whitewashes or colored coatings in aerial paste, for your oil painting. ocher and flour for wood, as well as your decorative concrete. Our pigments are sold in quantities of 100gr to 5kg or 25kg for some. Make your mixtures and benefit from the satisfaction of making it yourself at a lower cost.

color pigments courses

color pigments courses

throughout the year we organize training courses of 1 day on the different themes of lime use so that everyone, individuals, professionals or artists, can acquire the basics on the different techniques of painting and lime plaster as well as fresco fresco.

Our training center is registered under number 24 18 00 963 18 with the prefect of the central

The dates of our internships are coming soon for 2021

colour pigments, a craft business with the "heritage professional identity certificate" label.doratura

We can give you technical advice in the implementation of your renovation projects in the framework of listed or registered heritage, public or private, as well as in new construction.

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