Roman hydraulic lime
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Roman hydraulic lime

Roman hydraulic lime for the composition of purifying, breathable and very resistant mortars like cement

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100% natural Roman hydraulic lime without additives calci lime is a mixture of slaked aerial lime and ground pozzolanic rock of 0/1 grain size, which make the hydraulic mixture by letting air pass through their porosity. It allows to compose breathable, cleansing and very resistant mortars like cement, but keeping the flexibility of lime. To be mixed with sand or other aggregate of minimum grain size 0/1.

Resulting from traditional know-how, Roman hydraulic lime is essentially composed of aerial lime and pozzolana, volcanic rock originating from the specific geology of Auvergne. Roman hydraulic lime is a 100% natural product, in which no chemical additives are added. Mixed with sand, it provides an easy-to-apply, quick-setting and extremely resistant coating.

It can also be mixed with hemp (chènevotte) to obtain a coating with a thickness of 5 cm, which will provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. Its durability over time and proven by our ancestors, such as the Romans who already used this composition, still visible on many of our historic buildings.

Thanks to its specific composition, Roman hydraulic lime isolates and disinfects the walls, allows the migration of water vapor (perspirance), as does lime paste. However, it is more economical than lime paste because its starting cost is lower.

Roman hydraulic lime can be used both in renovation and in new buildings. It adapts perfectly to sustainable and ecological solutions such as wooden or straw houses. Like other Calci Chaux products used by "buildings of France" and "historical monuments", it can be used in the restoration of heritage such as castles, churches and other buildings.

Roman hydraulic lime "calci lime" meets the various standards and has been tested by the POLYTECH center in Clermont Ferrand

advice for use: mix well dry with the sand before introducing the water

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