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Calci Chaux is an old artisanal company that manufactures lime paste, hydraulic lime powder, lime water for the composition of paints and lime plasters.

lime paste
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the lime paste calci lime is manufactured in ebreuil in the alloy. This pure and 100% natural lime paste is handcrafted, unlike powdered industrial lime, which gives it remarkable aesthetic and ecological qualities as well as a remarkable carbonation (becomes after drying as solid as the original stone which has been fired). It is, once dry, a very pure white (grayish when wet), very smooth and grain-free and does not flour. It is very suitable for the realization of frescoes, limewash, fine plasters and stuccos and tadelakt. This lime has aged 12 months and can be stored indefinitely as long as it remains in its lime water, it will only be better.

Roman hydraulic lime
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Roman hydraulic lime for the composition of purifying, breathable and very resistant mortars like cement