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black pigments

black pigments

black pigments. rome black pigment, vine black pigment, indian black pigment, lime black pigment, anthracite pigment. With black pigments, we must not forget that we can obtain grays, colored according to the nature of the pigment and its dilution.

Pigments are particles of fine material which have the function of modifying the colour of paints, coatings, mortars, lime or concrete, in which they are diffused.
There are natural pigments and synthetic pigments. According to each pigment we will have a more or less strong colouring power. The colour of the binder will also have an influence on the final shade.

rome black pigment
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the rome black pigment is an earthy lignite, giving a soft black to mouse-grey tint, slightly bluish depending on the binders and dilution. This natural earth used since antiquity can be used with all binders and in all techniques such as fresco, oil, gouache, watercolour, acrylic, lime, egg, casein. To be diluted according to the binders, saturation in lime at 25%.
black vine pigment
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the black vine pigment is an iron oxide from Germany which can be used in all painting and coating techniques. To dilute it, it is necessary to add a drop of alcohol at 95 ° and black soap. Its coloring power is high and gives a dark, slightly bluish color. Mixed with lime at 10% of the weight of lime it gives a mouse gray, at 30% a light black.
lime black pigment
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lime black pigment is an organic pigment fixed on a mineral base. It gives a soft black colour close to rome black, it has a high tinting strength and is compatible with all techniques and all binders. For its dilution it will be necessary to use a few drops of alcohol at 95° in order to favour its dispersion in your mixtures.
indian black pigment
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Indian black pigment is a 100% natural iron oxide from India which gives an intense primary black color to slightly bluish mouse gray depending on the binder used. This pigment is compatible with all binders and all techniques. Dosage at 15 or 20% by weight of lime for a sustained color. This pigment dilutes well in water and is 100% natural