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yellow pigments

yellow pigments

yellow pigments. the tones of these pigments range from fairly strong mustard yellow to light beige through ocher yellow to slightly orangey yellow and brown yellow.

Pigments are particles of fine material which have the function of modifying the colour of paints, coatings, mortars, lime or concrete, in which they are diffused.
There are natural pigments and synthetic pigments. According to each pigment we will have a more or less strong colouring power. The colour of the binder will also have an influence on the final shade.

dark yellow ocher pigment from Provence
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dark yellow ocher pigment from Provence is extracted from an ore from the gargas quarry in the vaucluse. it is a 100% natural pigment which gives a very luminous yellow hue with a transparent binder and a slightly orangey yellow with a white-like binder. This pigment is compatible with all painting techniques (lime, casein, fresco, skin glue, shellac, flour paint, egg, acrylic, vinyl, potassium silicate etc). Its dosage varies according to the binders. For lime, plan a dosage of about 45% of the weight of lime before saturation.

natural sienna pigment
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the natural sienna pigment of the Ardennes is a 100% natural earth and gives a sand yellow tint to your stone depending on the binder used. This pigment is compatible for all painting techniques, insensitive to uv and very covering, so it is perfect for flour painting. In lime one obtains saturation of approximately 40% of the weight of lime.
yellow ochre icles pigment from veneto
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the yellow ochre icles pigment from veneto is a ground natural earth extracted in the Veneto region. This yellow is ideal in lime and dosed at 25% of the weight of lime it gives a nice mustard yellow. The yellow ochre icles pigment from veneto is the most primary bright yellow ochre that can be used as a base for the creation of other shades. Its colouring power is good.
lemon yellow pigment
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The lemon yellow pigment is an organic Italian pigment on a mineral base of great finesse. It has a bright yellow covering colour. This pigment is suitable for all techniques and binders. A dosage in lime paste of 10% of the weight of the lime already gives an intense colour. This pigment can be diluted well with water and a little liquid black soap.
buttercup yellow pigment
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the buttercup yellow pigment is an organic pigment fixed on a mineral base. its hue is primary yellow. This pigment is compatible with all binders and all techniques. In lime and even at high dosage (15% of the weight of lime) its hue is a bright but very light yellow almost pale. It can be used in binders other than lime provided they are not white. This pigment dilutes well in water.
veneto yellow pigment
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the veneto yellow pigment is a 100% natural earth extracted on the hills of Verona in Italy. Its color lies between the dark yellow ocher pigment of Provence slightly orange and the yellow ocher pigment icles of veneto more bright yellow, mustard. This is a good alternative if you want a yellow shade that is not too dark or orange but not too bright yellow anyway. Nevertheless, its color remains soft and warm like all ochers and natural earths.