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purple pigments

purple pigments

purple pigments. ultramarine purple pigment, purple iron oxide pigment, purple shadow pigment for decorative paints and coatings. Ultramarine purple pigments are natural but also synthetic iron oxides. Ultramarine purple pigments are sensitive to the alkalinity of lime, which is why the mixture must be used quickly, otherwise the colour will fade over time.

Pigments are particles of fine material which have the function of modifying the colour of paints, coatings, mortars, lime or concrete, in which they are diffused.
There are natural pigments and synthetic pigments. According to each pigment we will have a more or less strong colouring power.
purple umber pigment
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the purple umber pigment is a blend of mars violet, red oxide and black iron oxide resulting in a lightly shaded purplish eggplant color. The purple umber pigment is compatible with all binders and all techniques, however it will often be necessary to stir the container when painting because the red tends to settle at the bottom of the pot. It will also be necessary to add a little 95 ° alcohol to it in addition to the black soap to facilitate its dilution in the binders.
ultramarine violet pigment
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the ultramarine violet pigment, from england, is a polysulfurized sodium aluminosilicate which gives a deep and vivid purple violet. It is compatible with all binders and all techniques. Be careful, however, with lime, like the ultramarine blue pigment, the ultramarine purple pigment mixed with the lime must be used during the day, otherwise it may lose its color and make walls in degraded colors because of the alkalinity of the lime that eats it

parma pigment
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the parma pigment is an iron oxide obtained by cooking and grinding pure iron. Its color varies from fairly deep mauve purple to light and soft purple. the parma pigment is compatible with all techniques and all binders and dilutes well in water. nevertheless, to mix it well it will be necessary to add some liquid black soap.