mineral fillers

Mineral fillers. Mineral fillers are aggregates that opacify paints and coatings. They give matter, consistency and thickness to these, whatever the binders used.They enable the production of more or less fine coatings depending on their grain size. The finer the grain size, the more binder is required in your plaster.
white from meudon
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white from meudon called chalk or white from Spain is crushed limestone used as a filler in paints and plasters. Made in the Paris basin, it is a completely natural product with an off-white color and an average particle size of 2 microns, impalpable like flour. It is a non-coloring mineral filler that can be used in all painting and coating techniques. It gives material to make the paintings more opaque and allows various effects to be obtained. it makes it possible to produce fine iron coatings such as the painter's stucco. it can also be used as a filler in acrylic paints or for casein and potassium silicate. it is also used as filler for the manufacture of the plate and the gesso in the technique of gilding.
quartz sand 0/300
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quartz sand 0/300 is used to make plasters, plaster bonding systems and material effects. It is an off-white sand that can be mixed with lime in paste or powder form. or an acrylic binder. Our off-white quartz sand 0/300 has a very regular grain size, which makes it easy to iron as with marble powders to which it can also be mixed. However, do not shoe it too hard as it contains free silica, which would cause black marks. It is in any case reserved for finishing coats. 
industrial talcum powder
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industrial talcum powder is a very fine filler for paints, whitewashes and lime plasters. it gives them mattness, texture and velvety while strengthening them. the lamella-shaped structure of the talc makes it possible to give the whitewashes more slippery and at the same time as smoothness. It should be dosed at a maximum of 10% of the weight of lime paste, overdosing gives the paints shine.