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orange pigments

orange pigments

the orange pigments are synthetic oxides or organic and azo pigments stabilized on carbonate. Orange ocher is a composition of natural earths.

Pigments are particles of fine material which have the function of modifying the colour of paints, coatings, mortars, lime or concrete, in which they are diffused.
There are natural pigments and synthetic pigments. According to each pigment we will have a more or less strong colouring power. The colour of the binder will also have an influence on the final shade.

havana ochre pigment
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havana ochre pigment is made from natural iron oxides and ochres, in the south of france in the gargas quarry. this pigment is compatible with all painting techniques and can be mixed with all binders to give a warm and luminous light orange/red apricot colour depending on the colour of the binder and the fillers. It is the only orange hue of Vaucluse ochres.
orange 960 pigment
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orange 960 pigment is an iron oxide with a strong tinting strength that can be used in all types of binders. it gives an orange to red colour depending on the binder used and the dosage. Mixed with oil it tints to burgundy. For artistic painting, it should be finely ground before being mixed with oil to avoid lumps.
mineral orange pigment
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The mineral orange pigment is an organic pigment fixed on a carbonate and sulphate base. This pigment gives a bright but soft salmon orange hue. It is less vivid than the ercolano orange pigment. It is compatible with all binders and can be used in all painting and coating techniques. A dosage of 15% of the weight of lime paste already gives a strong colour.
orange ochre pigment
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The orange ochre pigment is a mixture of ochres and oxides of our composition that can be used with all binders and for all techniques. It gives a yellow-orange colour as soft as ochres and earths. Dose at 30% of the weight of lime paste to obtain a deep terracotta colour. It dilutes very well with water and will have an excellent outdoor resistance. A low dosage will give a very soft pale yellow-pink colour outside, reminiscent of the reflections of a sunset.
ercolano orange pigment
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ercolano orange pigment is an organic pigment fixed on calcium carbonate and sulphate. Its color is bright orange, brighter than the mineral orange pigment. this pigment is compatible with all binders and all techniques. With lime paste, a dosage of 25% of the weight of the lime gives a bright and bright orange color to make a paint (lime wash), but remains soft thanks to the lime.