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umber pigments

umber pigments

natural umber pigment, calcined umber pigment, chypre burnt umber pigment, verone greenish natural umber pigment, burnt umber pigment, violet umber pigment for paints and decorative plasters. Shadow pigments can also be coloured with the dominant colour of your paintings in order to create a pictorial harmony in your work.

Pigments are particles of fine material which have the function of modifying the colour of paints, coatings, mortars, lime or concrete, in which they are diffused.
There are natural pigments and synthetic pigments. According to each pigment we will have a more or less strong colouring power.

dark natural umber pigment
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dark natural umber pigment is a mixture of sienna and black iron oxide which results in a greenish black taupe color. This pigment is compatible for all painting techniques and for all binders. A dosage in lime at 35% is the saturation limit. This pigment requires a drop of black soap and alcohol to promote its dispersion.
dark calcined umber pigment
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the dark calcined umber pigment is a mixture of natural red and black calcined earths which gives a dark chocolate hue with a slightly purplish background. the colour of the dark calcined shadow pigment varies from brown/taupe to flax/flax in a white binder depending on the dosage. Dosed at 15% of the weight of lime paste, it gives a very nice and soft light taupe tone. It may be necessary to add a little black soap to help its diffusion
burnt umber pigment
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burnt umber pigment from the Ardennes is a 100% natural umber giving a slightly purplish chocolate shade. this pigment is the ideal pigment for fresco painting to reproduce a stormy sky. It mixes easily with other pigments to compose the shade of the shadows of your works. This pigment is compatible with all binders and all painting and coating techniques.
purple umber pigment
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the purple umber pigment is a blend of mars violet, red oxide and black iron oxide resulting in a lightly shaded purplish eggplant color. The purple umber pigment is compatible with all binders and all techniques, however it will often be necessary to stir the container when painting because the red tends to settle at the bottom of the pot. It will also be necessary to add a little 95 ° alcohol to it in addition to the black soap to facilitate its dilution in the binders.
Verone greenish shadow pigment
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 Verone greenish shadow pigment is a 100% natural earth containing iron oxides and clays known since antiquity. It is a purified and ground natural soil which has good covering power. It gives a brown / green to gray green color with a transparent binder and a linen color in lime when dosed at approximately 10% by weight of lime paste. It is possible to increase the dosage to have a light minty brown. It is compatible with all binders and all techniques and can be diluted very well in water.

chypre burnt umber pigment
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the chypre burnt umber pigment is a burnt iron oxide and clay silicates, 100% natural, compatible with all binders and all painting and coating techniques. Its appearance is reddish brown to pinkish beige depending on the binders. The umbers are used to fold the colours, and it is important to mix them with the complementary colour of the dominant colour of the decor to have beautiful umbers.