additives and finishing

additives and finishing. additives are substances that are added to recipes to compose a product, a coating or a paint or a whitewash, and which improve its qualities. Finishing products give the final appearance of your paints and coatings.

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méthylcellulose is a water retainer for paints and coatings. it is used at too high temperatures or on too porous supports, it allows to extend the working time. it is also used as a resin to make gouaches and in acrylic and vinyl resins for the preparation of colors.
liquid black soap with olive oil 1L
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the liquid black soap with olive oil marius fabre is made in salon de provence in an ancestral soap factory according to the traditional roman recipe and cooked in a cauldron, a know-how of more than 110 years. This black soap is only made with olive oil, unlike other soaps where linseed oil is added to put less olive oil. This soap is 100% natural vegetable, without solvents or chemicals and 100% biodegradable. Marius fabre is the only French manufacturer of this soap respecting the pure tradition of Marseille and the even older tradition of the Romans, with the Sapo.
linseed oil
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linseed oil is extracted from flax seeds. Cold pressed raw linseed oil (important) is very siccative. It is used for artistic oil paintings or for flour painting with ocher also called ocher paint, and for the treatment of wood, in association with turpentine. this oil is also used in the recipe for flour paint with ochre for wood and in association with turpentine, for the protection of floors (tommettes).
potassium carbonate
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potassium carbonate is a salt of tartar (E501) used in cooking as a leavening agent. it allows us to saponify the wax to make wall wax which dilutes with water. potassium carbonate is harmless to health and the environment. potassium carbonate is also used in cooking as a leavening agent and as an acidity regulator and stabilizer in food preparations. potassium carbonate can also be used in organic farming to fight against powdery mildew.
water and oil repellent
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water and oil repellent.  professional ecological water and oil repellent, stain resistant high performance for interior and exterior, waterproofs floors, walls, roofs, plasters, stones, pool edges, concrete, cement, showers in stone or plaster, natural or reconstituted stone, travertine, burgundy stone, tiles. Durably protects all porous materials against the penetration of water, coffee oil and stains of all kinds. Silicone-free and non-film-forming (very important), this product is odorless, invisible, does not make the surface slippery and allows the material to breathe.

ammonium carbonate
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ammonium carbonate is an ammonia salt (baking powder also used in food) which is used for the manufacture of saponified wax (wall wax which can be diluted with water) from white beeswax and for the manufacture of casein paint, the latter needing an alkali to turn into a glue which is also called a binder.
saponified wax
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white saponified wax is the most used beeswax in decoration because it can be diluted with water. Once it becomes transparent while leaving a satin to shiny appearance depending on its polishing. This wax is made in our workshop in an artisanal way by emulsion with ammonium carbonate from 100% pure and natural white beeswax. It can be applied on any solid to slightly flexible support, such as walls and ceilings, lime or plaster coatings, wood etc ... it is possible to tint it to paint (as in antiquity), or to create patinas on plaster.

iron sulphate
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Iron sulphate is used in ochre wood paint as a fungicide and mordant. It helps to expand the pores of the wood to allow the oil to penetrate and also helps to create a slight saponification of the oil so that it can be diluted with water. The ochre or flour paint then becomes an oil-based paint that can be diluted with water. This type of paint is particularly recommended for wooden frames (doors, windows, shutters) and other exterior elements. It can also be used for interiors.